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  Black History Month 2017

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100 Great Black Britons relaunches for 2017
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Rev. Dr Oliver A. Lyseight – Historic Blue Plaque Unveiling

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African Caribbean community is celebrated
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Patrick Vernon with
Baroness Howells of St David (Profile)

Royals pay tribute to Caribbean contribution
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Learning from the legacy of Bernie Grant
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by Patrick Vernon
100 Great Black Britons Profile

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Windrush Commemoration - 70 Years

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Windrush Commemorative magazine 2018
We provide personal narratives, insight, comments and reflections highlighting the Windrush Generation who came to Britain to those born in the Millennium and the diversity of migration over the last 70 years from the Commonwealth and Europe.Read Magazine

June marks 70 years since the start of the postwar immigration boom. A national holiday would be a fitting tribute, says campaigner Patrick Vernon. The Windrush shaped Britain. Why not recognise that? Guardian newspaper

Every Generation Game: Windrush Edition is a storytelling board game designed to keep the experiences and stories of the Windrush Generation alive. It has been created to help families, friends and communities share their heritage, history, identity and culture through the telling of stories.

As result of migration and the changing diversity of Britain, everyone's personal and family history are interconnected to world and national events. The game is a fun way for everyone, irrespective of age, ethnicity and identity, to learn, share and reminisce about the social, economic and political change in Britain over the last 100 years.

On 22nd June 2018 we celebrate Windrush Day, marking 70 years since the MV Empire Windrush docked in Britain bringing Caribbean passengers invited to help ease labour shortages following World War 2. This marked the beginning of post war migration in Britain, and they became known as the Windrush Generation.

To celebrate this anniversary, a new storytelling board game has been launched by Patrick Vernon OBE, family history historian, founder of Every Generation Media and Windrush Generation campaigner, in partnership with educational games specialist Focus Games Ltd.

I have been campaigning for a national day called Windrush Day and launched the 2018 petition for the Windrush Generation to be recognised as British citizens, and to receive compensation for financial issues and emotional trauma because of the threat of deportation from Britain. I hope that the Windrush Game will raise awareness of the Windrush Generation and also the migration history of Britain which will help ensure that people’s stories are shared and remembered.” Patrick Vernon OBE

Patrick has been working with Focus Games since 2017 to develop the game and ensure that stories of the Windrush generation are shared, enjoyed and remembered. Every Generation Game: Windrush Edition is now available to pre-order, with 20% of proceeds going to The Windrush Justice Fund.

The Every Generation Game: Windrush Edition is an educational resource which can be used in schools, community groups and heritage organisations to support learning about the history and diversity of Britain.

Picture and timeline cards in the game illustrate key moments in history, highlighting the contributions of migrants to the development of multicultural Britain from 1900 to the present day. These encourage players to share personal stories inspired by what they see or come up with imaginative tales sparked by the people and events depicted. Players vote for their favourite story after each round of storytelling, with the winner moving up a level on the board.

For more information, ideas of how to use the game, and to order a copy, visit

The Reader: We should designate a day to celebrate the Windrush’s arrival View story Like you, I was outraged by the news about the Windrush generation – but you haven't heard the half of it View story Support Windrush Petitions
Establish Windrush Day: Sign
Amnesty for Windrush minors: Sign
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