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Terry Jervis

Successful black producer

Terry Jervis is recognised in as an innovative writer, television producer and director. His background in all forms of modern media communications is extensive, ranging from radio and print, multi-media and digital platforms to major live international broadcast TV events, and as a record producer. Although Terry's career started in broadcast journalism, he is now a main provider of entertainment programming across music, comedy, children's and documentary television.

Having worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for over 15 years, Terry left and set up his independent company Jervis Entertainment Media (JEM).

His new company recently got the world exclusive family story with female tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, and the relationship with their father Richard. This show received critical acclaim and was selected by the press as the highlight show of the week for UK television. It is now being sold internationally and on a number of major airlines.

The Royal Air Force has sought Terry's expertise to help increase their international and public profile. JEM is currently developing a range of officially licensed merchandise, TV and film related entertainment. Because of Terry's other interests in and outside of the media with a number of causes, he is recognized as a 'thinking' producer who looks to provide insightful programming. A lot of his work also involves consulting to non-media businesses and institutions.

Terry has worked with some of the biggest names in world wide music and filmed entertainment on various promo-videos, TV specials and events. Some of these names include: DIANA ROSS, STEVIE WONDER, MICHAEL JACKSON, TIM BURTON (BATMAN, MARS ATTACKS), SPIKE LEE (JUNGLE FEVER, DO THE RIGHT THING, MALCOLM X), NATALIE COLE, QUEEN, MADONNA, ELTON JOHN, WILL SMITH, JANET JACKSON, LUTHER VANDROSS, THE ROLLING STONES and many more.

Terry was also one of the Executive Producers on the BBC/ WGBH 2000 TODAY MILLENNIUM DAY BROADCAST (in the US, his broadcast partners ABC TV with Peter Jennings made it the most watched programme in US history). At over 2.5 billion viewers, the biggest live television & radio broadcast in world history involving over 70 different countries, crossing religious and cultural boundaries.

This was not his only ground breaking show. BEHIND THE BEAT (BBC 1 & 2), this at its peak attracted 10 million viewers and changed the face of music programming (and had a huge impact on the record industry heralding the age of multi-media entertainment). OUR COMMON FUTURE, an international BBC/CBS co-production attracted 300 million viewers and was the first global environmental entertainment show looking at the state of our planet.

Terry also worked for many years with the legendary MOTOWN label. Not only being the first person outside of America to have a record label deal with the company but also produced a number of video and TV specials and compilation albums for them including the now famous MOTOWN 30TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL. Jervis has established great international contacts across the world and continues to produce and direct alongside his other business activities. He is still very involved in the music industry and just completed the historical 'Back To Black' box set on 100 years of black music - released through Universal records.

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