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Sir Clyde Walcott

First black head of the International Cricket Council

Sir Clyde Walcott was a hard-hitting batsman and run-machine in the 1940s and 1950s.

Standing over 6 feet, Walcott was the tallest and also the youngest of the `three Ws' - the other members of the famous trio being Sir Frank Worrell and Sir Everton Weekes.

"He quickly won a reputation as one of the hardest hitters of the ball in the game, and delighted in driving off the back foot," according to the book "100 Great West Indian Test Cricketers" by Bridgette Lawrence with Reg Scarlett.

"His square-cut was second to none and he excelled at the hook shot, a stroke he often played standing on tiptoe, as he took full advantage of his height."

Despite his size, Walcott was a nimble wicketkeeper and unchallenged in the position until a back injury forced him to give up.

Walcott saved his most memorable assault for the visit to the Caribbean by the Australians in 1955, by which time he was widely acknowledged as the best batsman in the world.

"He scored five centuries in three Tests to wipe out memories of his traumas in Australia four years earlier," the cricket book said. "Against one of the best bowling attacks of all time, Walcott hit the then record West Indian aggregate for a series of 827 runs at 82.70."

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