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Septimus Severus
Septimus Severus
York based 3rd century Black Roman emperor

Septimus Severus was born at Leptus Magna in AD 146. He belonged to a class of Romanised Africans and received a good education in his native province.

He first adopted an official career and became a civil magistrate, later he became a military commander, and this took him to Rome. He proved to be an able and popular military leader, and after the murder of Marcus Aurelius' son Commodes, Septimus, supported by the provincial legions, made good his claim to the imperial throne of Rome in AD193. He quickly defeated and killed Rome governor Clodius Albinus in a great battle in Lyon in France, and became emperor of Rome.

He rebuilt and restored Hadrian's Wall and gave Britain a century of peace; throughout his life he never lost his taste for African cooking. When he first entered Britannia, he was welcomed and hailed as the deliverer from the Gauls and Germans who continually pillaged and ravaged the island.

He quickly drove the aliens back across the English Channel, and gave Britannia semi-autonomous home rule status. In 208 AD, he supervised, refurbished, repaired and upgraded the mechanical defence system of Hadrian's Wall. In 211 AD, Septimus Severus died in York, of pneumonia at the age of 64.

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