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Niger Val Dub

"King Kenneth of the Picts" 997a.d. to 1004a.d.

The Moors were dominant in Scotland in the 10th century. One of them, was known as King Kenneth, sometimes as Niger or Dubh, a surname which means 'the black man.' It is a historical fact that Niger Val Dubh lived and reigned over certain black divisions in scotland - and that a race known as 'the sons of the blacks' succeeded him in history. (JA Rogers, Sex and Race)

Kenneth III of Scotland was king of Scotland from 997 to 1005. He was the son of King Dubh, fourth cousin of the previous king Constantine III, and first cousin of his successor Malcolm II.

Kenneth was the last king of Scotland to succeed to the throne through the system of tanistry, whereby the succession was shared between two family lines and the dying king named the person from the other family line who was to succeed him. The system was much discredited as it ensured the two royal families of Scotland were in a constant state of war with each other.

Kenneth and his son Giric were both killed in battle at Monzievaird, Tayside in 1005. It was his first cousin Malcolm, succeeding him at the battle, who abolished the tanistry system by killing all of Kenneth's male descendants.

However Kenneth had a granddaughter, Gruoch, via his daughter Boite, whose first husband was Gillacomgain. They had a son called Lulach. She then married King Macbeth I of Scotland (becoming Lady Macbeth). On the death of Macbeth her son via her first marriage, Kenneth III's great grandson, succeeded to the throne, to become King Lulach of Scotland.

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