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Nigel Benn - Chris Eubanks
Nigel Benn - Chris Eubanks
former world super middleweight champions

Nigel Benn, known as the Dark Destroyer, was twice a world champion at middleweight and super middleweight. He lost only 5 of his professional fights, three of those defeats coming at the end of his career.

Born in Ilford on January 22nd 1964, as a boxer in the army he had a record 41 wins and one loss. He turned professional in 1987, and had 22 consecutive knockout wins. Benn was crowned world middleweight champion after knocking out Doug DeWitt, the defending champion. He defended his title against former WBC champion Iran Barkley, but lost to Chris Eubank.

In 1991, he won the WBC super middleweight title with a knockout in round 4 of defending champion Mauro Galvano. This time he successfully defended his title against Eubank with 12 round draw.
Benn's next fight would change his life forever. World middleweight champion Gerald McClennan was eager to move up in weight and become two time world champion as Benn had, and challenged him.
In an eagerly anticipated fight, in which many say both fought the fight of their lives, McClennan suffered brain damage and went blind and was paralysed. These tragic events took all the fighting spirit out of Benn, and after losing his title to Steve Collins. Since retiring from boxing, Benn has had a successful career as a DJ and has become a TV celebrity.

Chris Eubank

World Middleweight Champion

Born on the 8th August 1966 in Dulwich, London, Chris spent one and a half years in Jamaica. On his return, he lived in Stoke Newington, Dalston, Hackney and then attended Thomas Carlton Secondary School.

After being suspended 18 times in one year and then being expelled, he then attended Peckham Manor School, from where he was suspended 5 times and then expelled, although he was protecting other children from bullies, but was then put into care.
He was placed in various institutions by Social Services, and lived on the streets for one and a half years.

His father took him to New York at the age of 16 for three and a half years and where he graduated from Morris High School.
He took up boxing while at school in the USA and won the amateur Spanish Golden Glove Championships in New York in 1984. He turned professional on October 3rd 1995.His early fights took place in Atlantic City. He came back to the UK in 1988 and was with Barry Hearn from his 13th fight to his 43rd fight.

In 1990 he won the World middleweight title against Nigel Benn in November .He had 43 straight wins before his first loss.
To date out of 25 World Championship fights, he has only lost 5 fights. He holds the record for the most unbeaten World Title wins in British history.

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