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Jungle music pioneer & graffiti artist

Goldie was one of the seminal figures in the drum and bass subculture, and one of its first celebrities. The product of a Scottish mum and Jamaican dad, he grew up in a series of orphanages and foster parents, which exposed him to a range of cultural influences, and developed his sense of self reliance and the need to create his own identity.

In the mid 80's, he became fascinated with the growing hip hop culture, and became skilled at both break-dancing and graffiti art. His talents enabled him to work with Afrika Bambaataa in a documentary on b-boys and graffiti art. He spent the next few years between New York and Miami, selling engraved gold teeth, and returned to London in 1991, immersing himself in the thriving rave and club scene, and designing album covers for Reinforced Records. In 1993 he convinced them to allow him to make a record, and they financed his landmark recording, Terminator.

His classic album, Timeless, went straight into the album charts at number seven, and the song, Inner City Life became the anthem for 1995, and confirmed Goldie as king of jungle/drum and bass

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