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Frank Bruno
Frank Bruno
(Former World Heavyweight Champion)

Frank Bruno is one of Britain's best loved sportsmen. Today, he faces the biggest fight of his life as he deals with being committed to a psychiatric hospital for depression. Bruno was renowned for his punches, but his fame rested as much on his charm outside the ring as his power in it.

Franklyn Roy Bruno was born at Hammersmith Hospital in London. He was the youngest of 6 children from the union of his parents Lynette & Robert Bruno. Michael, Eddie, Faye Joanne, and Angela are his siblings.

His parents settled down in Wandsworth in London. His father Robert who was from Dominica passed away in 1975, while his mother Lynette is a district nurse and a Pentecostal lay preacher from Jamaica.

Frank attended schools at Swaffield Primary and Oak Hill schools in Sussex where he excelled in football and athletics. He began boxing at 9 at the local Wandsworth Boys Club. During his amateur career, he amassed a 20-1 career, losing to (and eventually beating) Joe Christie while representing the Philip Game Amateur Boxing Club. His amateur career culminated with Frank boxing for Young England and becoming the youngest Amateur British Champion at 18.

As a professional fighter he weighed 247lbs and stood 6'3" tall. He amassed a record of 40-4 losing world title fights to Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Tim Witherspoon, and James "Bonecrusher" Smith; fighting a total of 167 rounds, winning 38 inside the distance, and 17 of those by knockout. Frank's career peaked on 3rd September 1995 when he beat Oliver McCall on points at Wembley Stadium to become the World Boxing Council Heavyweight Champion. He retired from boxing in August 1996.

Frank was awarded an MBE in 1990, and is a member of Equity. He's an accomplished actor performing alongside Michael Barrymore (with record box office sales), he played Robin Hood in Bristol & Bradford, alongside British comedians Little & Large, as well as Ringmaster in 'Goldilocks & the 3 Bears' in Birmingham. He's divorced from ex-wife Laura Mooney & kids Rachel, Nicola, & Franklyn.

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