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Bruce Oldfield
Bruce Oldfield
World famous fashion designer
Bruce Oldfield is one of the world's leading fashion designers, and has designed outfits for Jerry Hall, Barbra Streisand, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Diana Ross and Diana, Princess of Wales as well as other leading members of the British and European aristocracy.

It is reputed that his father was a Jamaican boxer, although he never knew his natural parents. He was just a day and a half old when he became a Barnardo baby, and was fostered by a dressmaker called Violet Masters in County Durham, who taught him how to sew and cut cloth at an early age. When he was thirteen, he started getting into trouble, and was sent back to Barnardo's. He got the opportunity to attend grammar school, and went to teacher training college, but decided to switch to an art college in London, with the help of a Barnardo's educational grant (they would later provide him with a start-up loan for his business). He attended St. Martin's School of Art in 1973, started his ready-to-wear label in 1975, and his couture label in 1978.

In 1980 he was awarded the OBE for services to the fashion industry. He is a committed supporter of Barnardo's children's charity.

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