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Schools Competition: 100 Great Black Britons

School Competition Winners

Central Foundation Girls' School (Year Seven)
Harley Grove,
London E3 2AT

Christ Church School (Year Nine)
Hilton Avenue
Finchley N12 9HB

St Stephen's Primary School (Year Six)
91 Westbourne Park Road
London W2 5QH

Farnborough Infant Community School and Early Years Centre
Moor Road
GU14 8HW

South Grove Primary School
Ringwood Road
London E17 8PW


About the Schools Competition

100 Great Black Britons is part of the history and fabric of our society, this is a fantastic way to engage, encourage and motivate pupils and young people to understand and celebrate the diversity of Britain.

Schools were encouraged to get involved by developing some exciting ideas and activities which not only supports their work for Black History Month but also provide a regular input in to lesson plans of the contribution of Black People in Britain over the last 1000 years.

100 Great Black Britons schools competition ran from 1st Oct 2003 to 1st Jan 2004. The competition was open to all subject areas. Teachers will find that the competition opens up a unique, refreshing and authentic way of teaching and learning.

    The competition aimed to :-
  • Encourage pupils to be innovative and creative.
  • Promote and develop an awareness and appreciation of diversity, citizenship, and inclusion and Respect 4 All.
    Expected outcomes are that
  • Pupils from diverse backgounds should feel valued within the school community
  • All pupils should have learnt something about celebrated Black Britons
  • Black pupils take a pride in their heritage, to which their ancestors have contributed, and assisted in the development of modern Britain.


Schools are to research, and vote or celebrate for their 100 Great Black Britons @ They are then to submit their vote in an innovative or creative form.

    They had to consider exploring the following categories to develop ideas and themes under the following headings:

  • Women
  • Arts and Culture
  • Black people in politics
  • Sports
  • Young and Older people as role models
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Black People in science and medicine
  • Running your own successful business
  • Occupations and Professions
  • Public Life and Citizenship
  • Kings and Queens of the Royal Family
  • Roman Empire and Anglo Saxons
  • Black Presence in Victorian and Edwardian Period
  • History of Black People in Wales, Scotland and Ireland
  • What does it mean to be Black British?
  • The Diaspora links with Africa and Caribbean

    Here were just some ideas for each Key Stage:
  • KS1: Collage, jigsaw, and song
  • KS2: Wordsearch, poem, dance, and story
  • KS3: Drama animated computer story, assembly presentation
  • KS4: Debate, poem, interviews, poll/survey, design own web-site

But we suggested that they facilitate a session in which pupils can brainstorm and come up with their own innovative and creative ideas.

They could use the notice board to share ideas and experiences and gain knowledge of the issues raised 100 Great Black Britons with other members.

Prizes of black/multicultural educational resources (books, games, software packages) will be awarded in the following categories with the following monetary value:

KS1: £100 KS2: £100 KS3: £200 KS4: £200

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